Are you insured?

Yes, We are insured for $2,000,000 per event. Proof of insurance can be presented to your banquet facility if they would like it.

How do I secure my date?

Please leave a message by email or phone to check date availability. The next step is to sign a contract and provide a security deposit. This will secure your date. We accept cash, checks, major credit cards & Paypal.

Can we sign the contact through email?

Of course we have a couple of options for you to secure your date as soon as possible. We can email you the contract to be filled out and e-sign via pdf, you can also print fill out and email or mail back to us.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

A contract is nothing scary; in fact, it protects you. Without a contract, a DJ (or anyone) could take your money and just not show up! A contract protects both sides and just makes sure that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. Even if you do not book with Xclusive Deejays please only book with a DJ company that makes you sign a contract! Every professional will have one.

Can we meet with our DJ in person?

Of course If you prefer to meet in person, We always suggest that so you know if we are truly the company you want to go with. We can coordinate a meeting time and place and go over everything in person.

How do we finalize the details?

With your contract, you will receive a link via email for your client portal. This paperwork will tell us your special songs and requests, your “do not play list” and your announcement details.  We want to make sure your guests have a great time and we want your event to be done in an organized manner, so we don’t leave anything up to guessing.

See, if something goes wrong well, that makes you and us look bad… and no one wants that! In fact; we want your celebration to go as well as you do.

Do you charge extra for MC services during my event?

No some DJs charge extra, but that’s crazy. We keep things easy all announcements, introductions, table directing, etc. etc. are included in your package and handled professionally.

What kind of experience do you have?

Every one of our DJ’s have been Professionals for at least 10 years, most for 15 years or more. Our DJs basically have the same story it started out as a hobby, playing at friend’s parties and over the years, gaining professional experience with everything from bars and nightclubs to raves! And of course, weddings! Although the focus of the business is weddings, we still love playing all types of events.

Will your DJ’s drink alcohol at my event?

Always professional in performance and appearance we don’t smoke or drink on the job.

How do your DJs dress?

At your wedding or special event, our DJs will dress like one of your guests would in a suit & tie… or however you specify.

Do your DJ’s display banners or signs etc on a table at my wedding?

No we understand the importance of keeping your event classy, so we don’t come packing like it’s a chance to advertise for our company.

What kind of equipment do you use? How does it look?

We use only Professional Grade DJ equipment with trusted names such as Pioneer, Mackie, Technics, QSC, Shure, Serato etc.

Our equipment is displayed as neatly as possible, we go out of our way to avoid visible wires and to keep a clean look.

What kind of music do you play? Do you take requests?

Music? We have you covered. Of course, we play the right music at the right time… But that’s because our DJs actually love music! We know new songs we know old songs and we know everything in between.

And yes requests are encouraged. Some DJs just don’t know who you’re talking about when you name new artists or old favorites if it’s not in their “DJ standard playbook” forget it. But that’s just not the way we operate. We like to play a good mix that gets everyone up out of their seats and dancing.

And by the way, don’t worry about the wrong type of music during dinner or music so loud that you can’t hear for two days we’re knowledgeable and considerate.

Do you offer a Military Discount?

Yes! We appreciate the service of any member of our U.S. Military. We will give a 10% discount off of your total wedding bill with us, on weekdays depending on availability! All we need is an active military ID from the bride or groom!