How to Choose the Orlando Wedding DJ Who’s Right for You

After the excitement of your engagement simmers down, you’ll need to focus on planning the big day. Selecting a date and venue, along with determining your guest list and budget, are the first steps. But deciding on entertainment is also an important early decision. Use this guide and choose the team of Orlando wedding DJs who are right for you.

What to look for in your Orlando DJ


Each wedding is unique, from the celebratory mood to the timeline. So it stands to reason that experience with weddings is a must for your DJ. This professional plays an important role in engaging your guests, setting the tone for your reception, and keeping things on track. Every one of our DJs has been professional for at least 10 years, most for 15 years or more. A professional wedding DJ can “read the room” and make adjustments accordingly, whether it’s changing up the soundtrack or modifying the timeline on the fly.


First impressions count. During your initial conversations with prospective DJs, make note of appearances and manners. You want one who takes your wedding and its planning as seriously as you do. A DJ can have an easy going, enthusiastic personality while still maintaining a professional style.

Appearance is an important part of a DJ’s professionalism. Your first conversation is a good time to go over your dress expectations. From casual to formal, professional DJs wear what’s right for the occasion. The goal is to have a presence that doesn’t distract from your event. You’d be surprised how often a DJ is in the background of wedding reception photos!

Responsiveness – and Responsibility

This is a big part of professionalism. You want a DJ who responds quickly to your texts and emails. And you want a professional who offers user friendly tools that make the music planning process easy for you.

Rounding out professionalism is responsibility in the form of liability insurance. We are insured for $2,000,000 per event and proof of insurance can be presented to your venue.

Questions to ask when choosing your DJ – and why

During your initial interviews of wedding DJs in Orlando, keep these questions handy. The answers will help you quickly determine if an entertainment company is the right fit for your special day.

How much wedding experience do you have?
Whether you’re dealing directly with the DJ who will handle your event or assigned to a team member, you’ll want to know how many weddings that individual has worked. Corporate events and house parties are totally different from wedding receptions. They often require gauging the crowd and changing the tempo, building momentum, and keeping things on track.

What are your prices and packages?
Budgets are a fact of life, especially when it comes to weddings. Planning resources estimate spending 7-8% percent of your budget on a DJ. Make sure the DJs you’re speaking with are in your budget ballpark early in the conversation.

Remember, price is often a reflection of experience and professionalism. If you go with a low, low price, you might get an inexperienced DJ who doesn’t have the latest equipment or a backup plan.

DJs in Orlando often bundle other entertainment options like photo booths, lighting, and special effects. A package can save you money as opposed to selecting these services from individual vendors.

Have you previously worked at my venue?
While not a dealbreaker, if your DJ has worked at your wedding venue it makes logistics much easier. Your DJ already knows the room’s layout, where to load in and set up, and what power is available. And by working there frequently, (s)he often knows key venue professionals, enhancing the team effort for your wedding day.

More important questions for your wedding DJ in Orlando

How much time is included?
You want to make sure the time you’ve contracted with your wedding DJ syncs with your reception, providing entertainment throughout the event.

Will you provide your own equipment?
A professional DJ company not only provides all the equipment necessary for your event, but has backup equipment in the wings, ensuring your wedding entertainment goes off without a hitch.

What’s your Plan B?
Life happens. People get sick, Mother Nature is an uninvited guest, and power can go out. A professional DJ not only has backup equipment, (s)he also has backup personnel. Inquire about contingency plans. Hopefully you won’t need them, but consider them a form of wedding “insurance”.

What is your postponement/cancellation policy?
This is another “life happens” question. You want to have a clear understanding of time frames for postponements and cancellations along with refund policies.

Choosing music with your DJ

Once you’ve found the Orlando wedding DJ who’s right for you, it’s time to think about music for your reception. It’s also a good time to consider your ceremony music and what will play during cocktail hour and meal service. What you and your guests hear will literally set the tone for your wedding experience.

Music should be meaningful and invoke memories. Tell your DJ about your musical tastes and favorite songs. This will help your entertainment professional customize your playlist. There will also be musical key moments in your wedding day, from walking down the aisle to your reception entrance and first dance.

Discuss with your DJ options for making melody memories. And while you want music that’s a reflection of you as a couple, you also want to keep your guests happy, too. A great wedding DJ will get everyone on the dance floor by choosing tunes all can enjoy.

How to handle music request from guests

Every couple has a list of favorites they want their DJ to play. But just as important is your “do not play” list. Maybe they’re songs simply too cheesy for your tastes, you hate the lyrics or they just don’t fit your wedding. Make sure your DJ has that list to avoid playing them, even if a guest makes a request.

How your DJ handles those guest requests is crucial. After all, these people love you and you want them to have a great time. But those requests may mix up the vibe you’re trying to create. A professional wedding DJ accepts guest requests within reason, while skipping songs that are on your “do not play” list.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

By working with a professional wedding DJ, you’re gaining more than just someone who can play your favorite songs. Because of all that experience, (s)he has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to pull off an unforgettable wedding. Your DJ will guide you through the reception timeline, suggest entertainment enhancements, clarify your musical selections and keep your vision on track.

The best wedding pros have a genuine enthusiasm for what they do. They enjoy fulfilling their clients’ dreams. And when you choose the Orlando wedding DJ who’s right for you, it brings another seasoned professional to your team.

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